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Lauren’s Review

Do you crave Italian food?
Written by Lauren, 10 Years Old

Well you’re in luck, Cava is right for you. It’s calm atmosphere, friendly service and food is sure to please your taste buds and make you smile. Cava is located near Gates in New Canaan, Ct and has a big wooden door with a big number 2 on top.

The atmosphere is calm and quiet with the slight smell of pizza in the air as people talk quietly at their tables. At your table you will find fancy dishes, glasses, sparkling silverware and a candle in the center. As you take your seat you can sense that Cava is a fancy restaurant with an Italian look.

The service is very quick. The waiters are friendly and polite, they will also give you recommendations and tell you what kind of new and interesting food they have. The manager sometimes comes out and talk to you about his restaurant and what you like the best about your food. I think that the best thing about most of their food is how they prepare the food.

Cava has super food. You would not believe that everything that I tried I liked. In fact, I remember the first time I tried the Margarita pizza. Right when I tried it I knew right away that it was the best pizza I have ever tasted. Frankie, my best friend, say that it’s the best pizza on earth.

So, if you just want Italian food or a fancy dinner….Cava is the right place for you. It’s sure to please you because of their calm atmosphere, great service and phenomenal food! I think anyone would like this restaurant. What do you think?